Test session

Practice session is the best way to get a concrete idea of the programs we offer. This discovery does not commit you to anything. You can stop this first experience at any time without any consequence.

To begin to enrich your daily life and improve your wellness, get comfortable, read the presentation below and then let yourself be guided by the soundtrack. We recommend using a headset to isolate you more easily at the beginning but you can also use a sound amplifier and test Waystobe in groups if you wish.

Each session begins with a relaxation whose objective is to voluntarily reach a modified level of consciousness between waking and sleep. Once the muscular relaxation is obtained, it is a question of deepening the level of vigilance by successive degrees and go down until edge of sleep. The preliminary relaxation at each session does not aims falling asleep but reduces muscle tension level and to get a feeling of psychological appeasement while keeping the mind alert. It will above all aim to be present to self and to what we do and feel in “here and now”.

The search for this modified level of consciousness, via listening positive sensations of the body is a prerequisite for all subsequent technical. Nothing magical or complicated because this level of consciousness is strictly physiological and crossed every day when falling asleep and awakening. There are no good or bad students in learning these techniques. Each has its own rhythm. You will be guided by the voice to perform to return to vigilance and muscle tone necessary for your activities. With regular practice, you will quickly see a progression that you can objectify and regularly quantified using the test we offer you.

Now, close your eyes, release your body globally and let yourself be guided by the soundtrack. We wish you a beautiful experience. You can renew it as many times as you like.

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